About Us

The Company

Platinum IT Limited was formed in 2002 by a brother and sister team, Grant McGregor and Angela Gibbons, returning to New Zealand after many years in IT consulting in the United Kingdom.

Grant McGregor currently holds many premium qualifications in I.T (NZCE, MCT, MCSE, MCP A+) as well as having over 15 years experience working with many different computer systems and networks

Angela Gibbons holds Microsoft Certified Professional status with Microsoft and has been consulting in UK for an investment bank.

The company is a Microsoft registered Partner, which enables us to train and provide support for all Microsoft products.

Our core values are grounded in many years experience in IT (and the real world), both in New Zealand and Europe.

We are currently located at the I Have A Dream building (next to the Wesley Intermediate school), however many of our services are provided onsite or via Remote access.

Our Philosophies

Provide the best training and services at a competitive price
Distinguish ourselves in the industry with the right attitude and our unique approach
Make a positive change for the community and the environment
Deal openly and honestly

Supporting our Community – Testimonials

Aroha – This course I found very important for my role as an Administrator Resource Assistant. Happy to have attended.
Baseisth – Lots of learn. I have achieved
Yasmeen – I thank you. I am happy that I can use the computer now
Sussan – The tutor was very clear, detailed and patient. I feel very confident
Francis – This is a great place for any body to begin computing as I have benefited
Tania – This has been great!! I have never had any formal training on Excel and have struggled my way around it. I really needed to know how to work with spread sheets.
Maha – Thank you for helping and for the great course – very beneficial and worthy.
John – The tutors patience and instructions are outstanding
Kevin – The course is fantastic and keeps me up with new buttons shortcuts and functionality – please keep them going
Lee – is a huge step forward in my ability and confidence.
Sally – Very good to be up skilled, thank you very much
Pilitati – Its a good opportunity for me to learn this, thank you very much.
Sandra – This course was most beneficial and I am most grateful, shall be back again to follow up on other courses relevant to myself.
Alice – The class is awesome. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend without having to pay a fee. I otherwise would not be able to have access to such lessons.
Char – gratitude for the opportunity you have offered to the community
Teau – Thank you very much for the opportunity to skill up again

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