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Computer basics, keyboard and mouse skills. Introduction to the internet and learn how to use internet searching

Basic Outlook Mail - Use Microsoft Outlook 2013 to send and receive emails

Basic Using Files, Folders and Managing your Computer - Adjust your Computer, identify control panel items. File management, saving documents and photos

Learn the basics of using the Trademe website ( to buy and sell.  Browsing items for sale, saving searches, selling an item and Managing your trademe account

Use Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail to send and receive emails, composing messages, replying, forwarding, managing and organizing mail.

Basic Word - Basics to using Microsoft Word to create documents, formatting, editing techniques and saving

Basic Excel - Basic spreadsheet concepts so you can create worksheets, enter and edit data, learn basic formulas

Basic Powerpoint - Create electronic presentations, manipulate design, add transitions and slides, graphics and animations

Intermediate Word - Headers and footers, Tables, language settings, inserting pictures and wrapping text to your documents. Mail merge & Document templates

Intermediate Excel - Cell alignments, number formats, sorting data, Intermediate formulas and functions, Absolute referencing

Intermediate Powerpoint - Create video presentations, template and slide master design, Timings, add multimedia and smart art to your presentation

Email accounts, manage email folders, use the calendar, use the task feature
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